SDPAC and Ace Parking

SDPAC and Ace Parking


Ace Parking is a major influence in all the communities where they operate.  Ace Parking operates out of dozens of locations in San Diego and always does its best to make the community a better place.  Under the leadership of Keith B. Jones, Ace Parking has collaborated with more than 50 charitable organizations.


San Diego is home to the philanthropic organization, “San Diego Professionals Against Cancer (SDPAC).”  It is a NPO that dedicates its time and resources to cancer research, patient treatment, and medical services.  They raise funds through many fundraising events including their most successful annual event, the San Diego Festival of Beer.

SDPAC was founded more than 16 years ago and has donated over half a million dollars to many different organizations.  The NPO doesn’t have any paid staff and operates using volunteer labor which is derived from local area professionals and companies.   Every member of the SDPAC, including volunteers from Ace Parking, are only paid with the knowledge that they have done a great service to the people of San Diego.

In addition to raising money for cancer research the SDPAC focuses on creating a relaxed, entertaining and social environment for its benefactors and members.  They also encourage all their volunteers to donate time and money to other charitable organizations in the San Diego community to make it a better place.

Recipients of Charitable Funds

The SDPAC has made multiple donations to the following cancer organizations.  Feel free to click any of the links to learn more about the organizations.

1)      Friends Of Scott

2)      Clearity Foundation

3)      Rady Children’s Hospital

4)      Cancer Angels of San Diego

5)      Cancer Coping Center

6)      BioRad

7)      Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

8)      San Diego Hospice

9)      American Cancer Society

Getting Involved

If you are interested in donating time, money, or services to help the SDPAC in their mission you can fill out their Funding Application form, or sign up as a volunteer by visiting their website.

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Ace Parking’s Philosophy and Services

Ace Parking’s Philosophy and Services

sbapPhilosophy and ServicesSince its founding over 60 years ago, Ace Parking has operated on the principle of their trademarked motto: “Every Thank You Earned.”  They strive to provide any and every service that their customers and clients need – when they need it.

Ace Parking Growth

From a single man working in a parking lot with pennies in his pocket, hope in his heart, and a dream in his head, the company has evolved to operate over 450 parking structures and locations around the United States.  Ace Parking, under the leadership of Scott Jones and then his son Keith Jones, have helped the company to become one of the leading parking management companies with an annual revenue of over $369 million.  The company serves more than a quarter of a million customers daily through a family of 4,500 employees who are paid about $60 million annually.

Ace Parking Philosophy

Ace Parking was founded on the San Diegoan principle of neighbor helping neighbor and is an industry leader in customer service.  The company never forgot about the “little man” and as a result, it is involved with over 50 philanthropic endeavors in communities across the United States.

Ace Parking believes in protecting the communities in which it operates and thinks on a global scale by making every effort to “Go Green.”  They employ more green technology than that of any of their competitors.  Just to name a few, they use:

–          Green Asphalt

–          Solar powered trees

–          Recycling efforts companywide

–          Eco-friendly maintenance

–          Recycled rainwater and paper for gardening and restrooms

–          EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations).

Ace Parking Services Offered

Ace Parking understands that in addition to excellence in business and customer service, diversification is necessary for growth and continued success.  Due to this knowledge, they offer parking enforcement and valet services, parking management, green parking and free consultancies for prospective customers.  In addition to all this, they are partnered with multiple hotels and businesses across America and they operate the Balboa Park Tram System in their hometown of San Diego.

The philosophy of Ace Parking worked for them when they started and continues to work for them to ensure that they offer the finest service possible.

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Ace Parking and Princess Cruises

Ace Parking and Princess Cruises

Ace Parking and Princess Cruises SBAPAce Parking, under the leadership of Keith Jones, has made significant strides in improving their already, top-of-the-line service and convenience.  They have collaborated with Princess Cruises and Airport Parking Connection (APC) to make your cruise parking booking a breeze.

APC Booking System

APC’s electronic parking booking system allows you to remotely book parking at the Princess Cruise ports, as well as make payments and manage your booking from the comfort of your home.  In addition to making booking of parking spaces easier, the creation of an APC account will make your future bookings at any APC associated garage easier and faster than ever.

Cruise Parking

Since the alliance between Ace Parking and Princess Cruises was formed, secure long-term, covered parking was made available at 55 Francisco Street.  Bookings can be made online or by contacting one of the cruise-parking representatives during the workweek between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

How It works

The secure, long-term parking offered by Ace Parking is charged by calendar date, which means that the day expires at midnight on the designated day.  The amount of days that you park in our facilities corresponds with how many days are marked on the calendar.

You can book your parking space for any length of time, as far ahead as you want to.  The only thing you will need to bring with you on the day of your cruise is your voucher, which you should receive after making your payment online.  We usually recommend that you arrive at least an hour before your cruise time to ensure that you have enough time to catch your ship.

We offer valet services after 10 AM, however, if you prefer not to leave your car key with us, we can provide you with one of our 30 self-park spaces.  Unfortunately, however, we do not currently offer any shuttle services, so we recommend that you drop off any luggage and guests at the terminal before parking.

Ace Parking and Princess Cruises are your combination for a stress-free time away.

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Ace Parking Helps Partner Hotels Shine

Ace Parking Helps Partner Hotels Shine

Ace Parking Helps Partner Hotels ShineCustomer service has been one of the pillars of the Ace Parking philosophy, since Evan Jones founded it six decades ago.  As he passed on leadership and ownership of his company to his son, Scott Jones, then his grandson, Keith Jones, they managed to maintain an unparalleled level of customer service.  Ace Parking puts its best foot forward for the everyday customer, as well as to the visitors at hotels for which they valet.  They were recently mentioned in a world-renowned travel publication with three of their partner hotels.

The Awards

The Condé Nast Traveler conducted an 80,000 person survey in the hopes of finding the best hotels in the United States and when they announced their winners, Ace Parking was mentioned three times for being partnered with leaders in the hotel industry.  They provide excellent valet parking services for these three hotel giants.

1)      The Omni Hotel, San Diego – Top 25 hotels in Southern California

2)      The St. Regis Hotel, Houston – Top 15 hotels in Texas

3)      The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle – Top 20 hotels in the Pacific Northwest

These three hotels have earned their awards by providing unparalleled customer service, exquisite dining, and top-of-the line facilities and accommodations to their guests.  They have demonstrated their willingness to above and beyond the call of duty to serve their clients and bend over backward to make each and every guest happy.

Ace Parking Comments

Ace Parking has decided to remain in the background, to allow the hotels the recognition and honor they deserve.  A member of the Ace Parking team did have this to say to the media.

We are very proud that our partners in business have earned this outstanding recognition.  From our partnership with these hotels, we have been able to see firsthand the amount of effort that these wonderful hotels put forth in the name of customer service. We respect that greatly, as we constantly strive to live up to these same standards of outstanding customer service.

Congratulations to these partner hotels!

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