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According to Green Energy Choice, “renewable energy is 100 percent clean and uses resources that are sustainable – sun, water, wind, etc. – and do not negatively impact the environment.” (

There is a big push toward going green in as many aspects of our lives as possible. That’s because the environment is in a dire situation. The fossil fuels are being used up very quickly, and when they are gone, there will be nothing left. Greenhouse gases are building up fast and we have no idea what that may mean for the future. The more we can go green now, the better.

Ace Parking Understands

“While it would be great if everyone could ride their bike to work and to the grocery store, that is simply not ideal”, says Keith Jones, Managing Partner at Ace Parking. Most people have too far to go or the weather is just too miserable. People need to drive their cars, so Ace Parking is working to ensure that even their parking options will be as green as possible.

We know just how important it is to ensure we choose as many green solutions as we can. We have found ways to reduce waste and to make our carbon footprint smaller. That means by going green ourselves, we can help you go green as well.

What You Get

When you choose Ace Parking’s green solutions, you will gain numerous different advantages. Just a few of those include:

  • Parking surfaces of green asphalt. That doesn’t refer to the color. Instead, it means energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions are used to make the paving material.
  • Using Carbon Credits frequently. We purchase and donate them.
  • Sensors ensure the parking lot is not using any more energy than needed by measuring occupancy.
  • In our offices, we employ green initiatives by recycling documents and implementing carpooling.
  • We can offer electric vehicle charging stations, prompting more customers to use these environmentally friendly cars.

In addition, we use recycled material for paper products, choose low VOC paints and adhesives, employ a tenant energy awareness program, and recycle water as well. Through all of these programs, we ensure that everything possible in our parking lots are as green as possible.

Going Green Yourself

If you are environmentally conscious, this will be so important to you. It may never have occurred to you that some parking lots are simply not green at all. However, when you compare the differences, you will understand. You can greatly decrease your own carbon footprint when you choose our green parking management solutions.

The earth is in crisis. It has been for a while. We all have to make changes or we will not be able to promise a good future to our children and grandchildren. There are so many ways that you can go green, including how you handle the parking solutions that you offer no matter what kind of business you may be. By choosing Ace Parking, you will have access to our green energy solutions. You won’t have to worry about your own carbon footprint when you do so.

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