Ace Parking Helps San Diego Cut Summer Traffic

Ace Parking Helps San Diego Cut Summer Traffic

We’ve all lived through the disappointment of a summer day spent negotiating traffic in a popular destination. Whether it is a popular roadway along a sandy beach or a great city “hot spot” that is popular with travelers of all kinds, nothing ruins a summer getaway or “day in the sun” like an unexpected line of traffic, long delays, and unhappy travelers. This is one of the main reasons that Ace Parking Management, Inc. is once again partnering with San Diego Port to run the Big Bay Shuttle.

Success Last Summer

After a successful summer long trial run in 2012, the shuttle was so remarkably popular and effective that the Board of Port Commissioners and Ace Parking Inc. came together to make it happen again. The shuttle is going to run the same loop of the Downtown area and out to Harbor Island. This makes it a viable, affordable, and pleasant form of transportation for people working throughout the area as well as the tens of thousands of vacationers who head to this popular area every summer.

There are eight locations served by the shuttle, with the final stop being close enough to the airport to allow travelers to find easy transportation to this destination too. Tickets can be purchased at any stop and are only three dollars for a full day of “on and off” riding or fast transport to one of the stops.

The Greenest Shuttle Possible

Not only is the Big Bay Shuttle one of Ace Parking Inc.’s most successful partnerships in San Diego, but it is also among the “greenest”. This is because all of the shuttles use CNG or compressed natural gas. This ensures that they don’t cause any problems with environmental pollutants or lead to smog during the peak of summer use. They will meet the California Coastal Commission’s recommendations for public transportation options, and will ensure that the public (whether local or visiting) has full access to the popular waterfront region of the city.

The Expectations

The stops include the Maritime Museum, the Navy and Broadway Piers, the Seaport Village, several hotels and marinas, and Harbor Island. Last year more than twenty thousand riders used this handy and green shuttle to make their way from site to site affordably and in an environmentally friendly way.

Doing so also meant that they cut down on the creation of traffic that could have negative implications for the environment and for commuters in the area. The shuttles are also completely accessible for people with disabilities, and this ensures that the popular region is open to everyone.

Why Ace Parking?

Of course, this makes many wonder why a parking firm like Ace Parking, Inc. would become involved in a program that shuttles people around the city. Essentially, the answer is simple. The company has always shown a commitment to the communities in which the firm operates. They have also been strongly connected to green initiatives for a long time as well.

They often work directly with clients to help them implement as many green strategies as possible, including the use of carpooling programs, environmental and recycling programs, and even electric vehicle support. This should make it no surprise that the firm is also going to support the goals of the Port of San Diego and its Commissioners.
The Port has been around for more than fifty years and has consistently been a major investor in community and public improvements. This partnership with Ace Parking is just another way that the city and the corporation can improve the community and ensure that everyone enjoys the area.

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