Ace Parking Management Inc. “See the People, Not the Cars”

Ace Parking Management Inc. “See the People, Not the Cars”

Ace Parking says they “See the People, Not the Cars,”and through their community-focused actions, it shows. Although Ace Parking is a large company, with 450 parking applications and employing more than 4,500 people, it operates like a small, hometown business, encouraging community and team members alike to improve safety, morale, and engagement at their lots.

Consider the following two stories, for example, from two different garages in two different cities:

Hot Cars Campaign

The first story comes from San Diego, CA, Ace Parking’s hometown. An animal lover named Paola Potts has been campaigning since September 2012 for the placement of special signs she created to warn people about leaving pets or children unattended in hot cars. After the Escondido City Council approved the signs for private parking lots, Ace Parking installed the signs in all 17 of its San Diego lots. The signs were sponsored and paid for by animal advocacy organizations and individuals in the community. An Ace Parking spokeswoman had this to say about the campaign: “Ace liked and appreciated Paola’s passion for saving lives,” and suggested that Ace might take the campaign their lots outside San Diego.

Oscar-isms – Employee goes Above and Beyond

The second story comes from Phoenix, AZ, where, last year, Ace Parking replaced a long-time parking provider at a commercial lot. The new parking lot attendant, Oscar Carter, wanted to create a positive environment for the tenants of the garage. Carter regularly wrote inspirational messages and shared them with the tenants. The tenants were so touched and appreciative that they created a wall for his advice with the headline “Oscar-isms.” When asked about the story, Keith Jones, the Managing Principal and Partner of Ace Parking, said, “We are all so proud of Oscar. He truly represents what we want our company to be.”

As these stories show, Ace Parking takes care to be a good neighbor and community business.

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