Ace Parking Supports Employees and Clients

Ace Parking Supports Employees and ClientsAce Parking is one of America’s leading parking management companies and has become a Seattle institution.  Some of their hallmark traits include eco-friendliness, exceptional customer service, and excellent working conditions.

All of Ace Parking’s employees are treated like family members and are encouraged to go the extra mile for their customers.  One employee, Oscar Carter, decided to take customer service and relations to the next level.  He decided to develop a rapport with all of the customers in his garage and greeted them with a smile.  He also went one step further and created inspirational messages that he shared with each and every client.  The clients appreciated the gesture so much that they created a wall where they put all of his messages and called them “Oscar-isms.”

Word quickly went up the ladder to the Principal Manager of Ace Parking, Keith Jones.  When he heard of this extraordinary employee, he remarked, “What a wonderful story. We are all so proud of Oscar, and he set out to do this on his own. He truly represents what we want our company to be. He is truly an inspiring individual.” 

When Carter was asked about the gesture that he made, he claimed that he just wanted to inspire the tenants and make their days better.  Scott Jones, Ace Parking’s Chairman and Owner, spoke with Carter and applauded his efforts then made a statement to the press.  He said, “You could tell that he did this with total humility, with total concern for his fellow human beings. He is a special person, and I cannot even begin to express how happy we are to have him working with Ace Parking. He is a wonderful representative for our company.”

Ace Parking’s executives were proud of Oscar Carter and decided to reward him for his actions.  He was publicly recognized as an exceptional ambassador for Ace Parking. He is an example that all of us can take a lesson from.

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