Ace Parking’s Philosophy and Services

Ace Parking’s Philosophy and Services

sbapPhilosophy and ServicesSince its founding over 60 years ago, Ace Parking has operated on the principle of their trademarked motto: “Every Thank You Earned.”  They strive to provide any and every service that their customers and clients need – when they need it.

Ace Parking Growth

From a single man working in a parking lot with pennies in his pocket, hope in his heart, and a dream in his head, the company has evolved to operate over 450 parking structures and locations around the United States.  Ace Parking, under the leadership of Scott Jones and then his son Keith Jones, have helped the company to become one of the leading parking management companies with an annual revenue of over $369 million.  The company serves more than a quarter of a million customers daily through a family of 4,500 employees who are paid about $60 million annually.

Ace Parking Philosophy

Ace Parking was founded on the San Diegoan principle of neighbor helping neighbor and is an industry leader in customer service.  The company never forgot about the “little man” and as a result, it is involved with over 50 philanthropic endeavors in communities across the United States.

Ace Parking believes in protecting the communities in which it operates and thinks on a global scale by making every effort to “Go Green.”  They employ more green technology than that of any of their competitors.  Just to name a few, they use:

–          Green Asphalt

–          Solar powered trees

–          Recycling efforts companywide

–          Eco-friendly maintenance

–          Recycled rainwater and paper for gardening and restrooms

–          EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations).

Ace Parking Services Offered

Ace Parking understands that in addition to excellence in business and customer service, diversification is necessary for growth and continued success.  Due to this knowledge, they offer parking enforcement and valet services, parking management, green parking and free consultancies for prospective customers.  In addition to all this, they are partnered with multiple hotels and businesses across America and they operate the Balboa Park Tram System in their hometown of San Diego.

The philosophy of Ace Parking worked for them when they started and continues to work for them to ensure that they offer the finest service possible.

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