Beauty in a Parking Garage

We’ve all heard the classic song that says “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” and while we might agree that a lot of loveliness is lost when commercial buildings are created, there are some firms that seek to turn things around a bit. Actually, there are some firms that seek to turn things around a great deal. One such firm is Ace Parking Management, Inc.
This is a company with a 60+ year reputation for community outreach, philanthropy, and impressive green initiatives. Consider a recent investment in mural art in their parking garage at Camelback Esplanade in Phoenix, AZ. Near the company’s innovative EV chargers (electrical vehicle charging stations) there was a relatively ugly and blank wall. To ensure that people were able to easily find the EVCs, and to improve the general appearance of the area, the firm hired a local mural artist to improve the conditions.
The result was a glorious and massive mural of blooming flowers that gives an essential bit of color to an otherwise boring setting.

More than a Pretty Face

Naturally, the firm also does more than just disguise some unattractive settings. Consider that they encourage, advise, and even implement some of the most up to date green initiatives imaginable for any client who requires it. They will help customers to use green paving materials, to install drainage that harvests rainwater for use in landscaping, and they will help to support carpooling ventures of all kinds.
They also make impressive partnerships to forward green goals as well. In 2012 the firm ran a test season of shuttle services along the popular waterfront of downtown San Diego. The shuttles were meant to help cut traffic congestion in the area and to offer visitors an easy way to enjoy the many popular attractions that dotted a long stretch of the waterfront.
More than twenty thousand people used the shuttles during this trial run and so in 2013 Ace Parking and the Port of San Diego are running a full season of shuttle services from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For a mere three dollars per day, a visitor or resident can take the shuttle to one of eight major stops. They can head all of the way out to Harbor Island (near the airport) and all of the way into the busy downtown district near the convention center, and all in the comfort and environmental friendliness of a compressed natural gas vehicle!

Inspire Others Too

The firm also has such a strong commitment to improving the communities in which it operates that it can serve as inspiration to clients as well. Consider the Tucson International Airport’s recent announcement that it will begin a three phase project to develop a solar power center over many of its parking lot areas. This is surely something that Ace Parking approves of and which is in line with all of their own green initiatives too.
This project is not one of the firm’s but it is definitely a reflection of the types of programs that they encourage all of their clients to consider. Since the airport is one of their customers it seems like an obvious and natural partnership.
Also consider the firm’s ongoing investment in EVCs in many of the cities where they already have operations. San Diego is the beneficiary of many of these stations, with two at the conference center and plans for more than ten stations around the town. These are meant to help sustain the growth of the electric car movement in the city – which is the fastest growing in the nation.
A commitment to their communities, to their clients, and to the environment seems to shine through many of the activities done by Ace Parking, and whether it is as simple as a lovely mural in a garage or an eco-friendly shuttle in the city, they are certainly helping to make some parking lots as beneficial as possible.

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