Efforts to Go Green Important to Ace Parking’s Scott Jones

Efforts to Go GreenDedication to the environment is one of the core pillars of Ace Parking of San Diego, as well as Ace Parking’s Keith B. Jones and Scott A. Jones. They strive everyday to make the world a more eco-friendly place.  Whether it is through their efforts to utilize green technology or encouraging their employees and customers to “Go Green,” their efforts are endless.  They strive to set an example for other big businesses in the community and their field.

Ace Parking Dissatisfied With Ordinary

Most multimillion dollar companies are satisfied with doing the bare minimum for the environment, however Ace Parking, under the leadership of Scott Jones and his son Keith Jones, is not yet satisfied.  One of their partners said to the press that their lack of satisfaction was “more than the lack of infrastructure.”  He went on to say, that “in addition to the issue of green infrastructure, the company is dedicated to making sure that all of their customers’ needs were satisfied and that the company strives to create the need for a green lifestyle

Meeting Ace Parking’s Keith Jones Goals

They have proven their dedication to the environment by maximizing their use of solar power and solar powered EV charging stations and minimizing their use of resources.  The company employs modern technology such as eco-friendly asphalt and energy efficient lighting.  The company has implemented this technology in each of their 72 California locations and are making great strides in extending this use of green technology to their 450 plus locations nationwide.

Scott A. Jones, Owner and Chairperson of Ace Parking, wanted everyone to know that he is behind the Green initiatives being implemented by the company and he is proud of his son’s efforts to take the company into the future.

Ace Parking has invested millions of dollars and countless man-hours of planning and labor to improve their use of green technology and to encourage their customers and competition to follow in their footsteps.  They want all big businesses to make use of readily available Green technology that they use, including the Green asphalt and solar power among other things.


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