Electric Cars Have a New Friend

The age of the electric car is upon us, and millions of people are delighted with the idea that gas-guzzling vehicles may soon be fading from existence. Until they do, however, many electric car owners struggle to find the resources they need to get the most out of their “green” vehicles. This is one of the reasons that Ace Parking Management, Inc. installed the first EVC stations in San Diego, CA.

These were not the first such stations installed by Ace Parking because the firm already has some in San Francisco, but these are the first for San Diego. The technology is considered to be the standard and top of the line for any electrical vehicle charging and relies on the J1772 technology. There are plans to expand the installations to other parts of the country as well, with Phoenix and Houston on the agenda.  Stop on by the Ace Parking website for a full listing of locations with chargers.

San Diego is Leading the Way

Essentially, the implementation of these stations (and the plans for additional installations) is no surprise to those in the city of San Diego. This is because there is a strong initiative for green transportation of all kinds. While the city is known as the home to the most electric vehicles in the country, it is also a city that uses CNG (compressed natural gas) public transportation vehicles as well.

Third generation Keith B. Jones of Ace Parking is also a San Diego native and his ongoing commitment to improving the communities in which they operate is beautifully illustrated by the installation of these charging stations. These will make it possible for the already strong surge of electric vehicles appearing in the city to just continue growing. These vehicles will cut down on emissions and pollution and allow thousands of drivers to shrink their collective carbon footprints.

Encouraging Green Strength

Naturally, this encouragement of a green initiative is only possible through partnerships with other agencies in the city. The first charging stations installed by Ace Parking were in direct partnership with ECOtality, Inc. which is a firm dedicated to replacing all carbon based fuels with electric resources instead. It is their technology that Ace Parking relied on for the effective and modern charging equipment.

Of course, it takes financial commitments to ensure such projects “pay off” economically too, and the California Center for Sustainable Energy (which gave praise to Ace Parking for the installation of the charging stations) helps people to invest in greener transportation. They use a rebate program for all electric vehicles, and acknowledge all other businesses that support moves toward sustainable business.

Charging a vehicle is not free for those using the stations as well, and this means that the stations will eventually become a self-sustaining business operation too. That sort of growth indicates that economic benefits as well as environmental ones are the direct result of these green activities.

Total Responsibility

It is hoped that more businesses related to transportation will follow the lead provided by Ace Parking, Inc. The wide implementation of as many eco-friendly programs as possible has long been part of the firm’s agenda. From encouraging their clients to consider greener asphalt installations and parking lot maintenance methods, to the installation of rainwater harvesting systems and the use of carpooling programs, the firm is already ahead of the game.
Hopefully, San Diego is a model city for electric transportation in the future. The county is already home to more than one thousand electric vehicles, and the need for the 10+ charging stations that Ace Parking has planned will likely increase. In fact, the city’s convention center is the home to two of the newest chargers! This will show that electric vehicles are a completely viable option when associated businesses invest in and commit to supporting the growth of this industry.


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