The Legacy of Evan Jones

The Legacy of Evan JonesOver half a century ago, Evan Jones was sitting in a shed in a parking lot, making very little money when he had the bright idea to build a company, which was the beginning of the idea that would come to be known as Ace Parking.  He wanted to build a company that would provide a necessary service, one that he could use to leave a mark on the history books, one that was founded on the idea of social responsibility that he could someday leave to his children. This is how Ace Parking was born.

After years of hard work, he passed the baton on to his son, Scott Jones, who took the company to new heights.   After Scott’s son, Keith Jones, came of age, he passed the baton once more.  Keith began working in his father and grandfather’s parking facilities at age 5 and learned the importance of professionalism and service.

The company has now grown to the point where there are more than 450 locations across the United States.  Keith Jones has taken the company into the future by making it eco-friendly and by making it a beacon of customer service.

What Does Keith Do?

Keith Jones currently holds the Managing Principal post at Ace Parking.  Keith’s main role is to guide corporate vision, strategy, and ongoing business development.  When he took his position a decade ago, he was charged with managing the company’s finances and operations.

Under the leadership of Scott Jones and his son Keith, the company grew into one of the nation’s largest parking management companies with annual earnings of over $350 million.  One of Keith’s biggest concerns at Ace Parking was making the company a leader in the industry by improving technological and operational solutions and continuing the trend of exceptional customer service.

Management Style

Because of growing up in the industry and the company, you could say Keith was bred for the job.  He learned techniques from his predecessors and combined them with his personal style, elite work ethic, and his university education to develop a winning management style.

Keith’s style is very hands-on and he is very involved in almost every aspect of the company’s inner workings.  He places heavy emphasis on becoming more “Green,” ensuring customer satisfaction and perhaps most importantly, treating employees like family.

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