SDPAC and Ace Parking

SDPAC and Ace Parking


Ace Parking is a major influence in all the communities where they operate.  Ace Parking operates out of dozens of locations in San Diego and always does its best to make the community a better place.  Under the leadership of Keith B. Jones, Ace Parking has collaborated with more than 50 charitable organizations.


San Diego is home to the philanthropic organization, “San Diego Professionals Against Cancer (SDPAC).”  It is a NPO that dedicates its time and resources to cancer research, patient treatment, and medical services.  They raise funds through many fundraising events including their most successful annual event, the San Diego Festival of Beer.

SDPAC was founded more than 16 years ago and has donated over half a million dollars to many different organizations.  The NPO doesn’t have any paid staff and operates using volunteer labor which is derived from local area professionals and companies.   Every member of the SDPAC, including volunteers from Ace Parking, are only paid with the knowledge that they have done a great service to the people of San Diego.

In addition to raising money for cancer research the SDPAC focuses on creating a relaxed, entertaining and social environment for its benefactors and members.  They also encourage all their volunteers to donate time and money to other charitable organizations in the San Diego community to make it a better place.

Recipients of Charitable Funds

The SDPAC has made multiple donations to the following cancer organizations.  Feel free to click any of the links to learn more about the organizations.

1)      Friends Of Scott

2)      Clearity Foundation

3)      Rady Children’s Hospital

4)      Cancer Angels of San Diego

5)      Cancer Coping Center

6)      BioRad

7)      Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

8)      San Diego Hospice

9)      American Cancer Society

Getting Involved

If you are interested in donating time, money, or services to help the SDPAC in their mission you can fill out their Funding Application form, or sign up as a volunteer by visiting their website.

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