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Almost anyone has access to the Internet nowadays, and that means they turn to it for virtually everything. In fact, according to Yelp for Business Owners, a survey showed that 85% of consumers use the Internet to find businesses.” With statistics like this, it is vital for all companies to understand how much power there is in the web. We know that; and this is why we are glad to say that Yelp members like Ace Parking.

What Is Yelp?

There are numerous tools out there that have been created specifically so that a community of people will be able to review places they have visited. Yelp has become one of the most popular. This site allows anyone to leave reviews including a star rating for local businesses. This way, people can go online and then find out more about a company before they do business with it.

Since close to 90% of customers have chosen to use the Internet so that they can find out more about companies, you can only assume that there is great potential for business (or loss of it) through a site like That’s why it matters so much to us that we have good reviews from real customers who have used our parking solutions.

San Francisco Praises

The Yelp site for Ace Parking in San Francisco will give you a little taste of the customer service that we offer. Some of the positive comments that appear in the reviews include:

  • “Gave my keys, got my ticket, and walked over to my building without breaking a sweat, ruining my heels, or any pain in my feet.” This statement is from one customer who says Ace Parking provides easy options when it is so hard to find a place to park in San Francisco.
  • “(Ace Parking) wasn’t as expensive as other places.” This statement from another customer shows that we do take the time to ensure we don’t overcharge for our parking solutions.

Yelp is a great source for finding out information about any business, and we know for a fact that having a good reputation on a site like this is extremely important. We are glad to know that our customers do like our facility.

What Is Ace Parking?

As a parking management company, we specialize in handling the parking facilities needed for commercial lots, hospitals, retail businesses, and much more. We believe in providing top quality customer service, and innovative solutions that will continue to provide the best in parking in cities throughout the United States. As a family owned business opened in 1950, Ace Parking has been providing solutions for many years.

If you are like the vast majority of people, you look to the Internet any time you need to find a business. Yelp can be a very useful tool because so many people turn to it on a daily basis. We are glad that Ace Parking has good reviews on a site so important as this. We are glad to know that our customers are satisfied with their experience when they visit one of our managed lots.

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